Three Simple Steps to Generate Leads


Before discussing the three simple steps for lead generation, I would like to make you understand the exact meaning of the Lead in marketing and sales.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process to find people interested in your product or services.

Qualified leads are those, which fulfill the BANT criteria. BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Time-frame.

There are several other kinds of lead, such as Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), Product Qualified Lead (PQL), Service Qualified Lead, etc. But I don’t want to get into this as you already have an idea about these. Moreover, these terms don’t really matter if you are in the hardcore lead generation process.

The main purpose of writing this blog is to make you aware of the lead generation process. 

Steps to Generate Leads

So now I tell you the very simple process to generate leads for any kind of product. Or can say that the complete process of lead generation. By following these simple steps, you can generate as many leads as you would have ever thought. 

The process I am going to define works perfectly for Business to Business lead generation (B2B). I will discuss the methods of B2C lead generation in my next blog.

So, for now, let’s focus on the B2B lead generation process. 


First of all, you need to identify your potential clients i.e. companies. Once you get the list of those companies which use the product or services you are selling.

Collecting RPC Information

Now find out one by one by one who is taking care of the procurement process of services/products you are selling. Once you get the insight of those employees. Now start targeting him/them. 

For example, if you are in an IT company so you must approach CTOs, CIOs, Director of Technologies, etc. These people generally take care of current and future IT requirements.


This is the most important part of the Lead Generation Process. You can approach them by email, cold calling, social media or email-based target marketing. It is up to you which method you like to avail to target those Right Party Contact (RPC).

Your strategy must be to educate them rather than selling your services.

If you send an email (which I personally think the best methods to approach the client) content should be very short and precise. Do not write an email for more than 5 lines.

If you do not get a response in the first email, send a follow-up email after a week. If still not, keep those emails aside for a while. You should approach/follow up them again at least after a month because if you frequently send the email it annoys a lot. There are higher chances to get blocked or marked spam as no one likes to be annoyed every now and then.

People who are really interested reply usually in first or second email and the “Hot Leads” come only from these two stages of email campaigns. Some people may say that they got the result/response after 4 or 5 continues cold follow-ups. But believe me, those responses are either cold or fake, just to get rid of your continuous emails.

So my advice is not to send any other email after the first follow up. And repeat this process after two months or three. Trust me you will get a better response. 

What if you do not like cold emailing or you more rely on marketing, So email-based target marketing can be a wise idea.

Three essential tools for every salesperson.

1- Linkedin Sales Navigators

As we all know that nowadays every professional must have a Linkedin account whether you are a businessman or a working professional.

Linkedin is a network of 630 Million professionals worldwide. So I don’t think anyone can bear to miss the chance to be a part of that giant professional group.

Linkedin is not only for finding RPC it is used to get the precise information of any company. You will be aware of information like yearly growth, job opportunities, past development activities, etc.

You can get more refined details of the company as well as employees if you have a Linkedin sales navigator. Without Linkedin Sales navigator it is going to be very hard if you are even a bit in business development. Linkedin can be used in several ways.


If I say is the best tool for data finding then it won’t be wrong. I have been using it for the past two years and I can’t express my gratitude to it as it helped me a lot. Before using Snovio, I used almost all available tools in the market but I didn’t get any satisfactory results. Some of them are really very nice but too much costly like DiscoverOrg which costs more than $20K. Snovio fulfilled all my email extraction need.

It is not only for email extractor, but it is also way beyond that. It gives you information about technologies being used in different companies, very helpful in account-based marketing.

You can upload companies list (in the form of and it will give you the RPC according to your need. It has a lot more other very useful features too. So It must be in your treasure.

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Website Visitors Monitoring Tool

Website visitor monitoring tool which I think every corporate should have. Whether you are in the Lead generation or not. These tools help to find out the information about website visitors. They give the information such as Visitor’s Company Name, Company website, Linkedin, Facebook, Crunchbase (if available), etc along with company details these tools are capable enough to give you information on visited employees.

Interesting isn’t it !!!!

Even though there are many tools available in the market but I have been using Leedfeeder for our different websites. Where I sell my own products, it helped me a lot to get the details of who is interested in our product. Apart from that, it gives information of the duration of different sessions and the number of pages visited by a visitor and much other information. 

Leedfeeder is free for the initial 14 days later it costs about $ 53 PM. 

Read Full Features of Leadfeeder.

If you follow these above-mentioned steps, trust me lead generation will become easier than ever before.

This is my personal experience and I have done a lot of experiments in my nine years of career. I have generated leads for almost all vertical, Whether it is for IT or non IT, the process remains the same.

Fortunately in this era, everyone is on the internet and explores his need there, whether it is visible for us or not. If it is visible then people start approaching them, if not, then you have to… there are higher chances to convert them.

Leave a comment regarding any kind of query related to lead generation.

I or my team will solve it for sure.

Thanks for reading.

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