Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Social Media

Traditionally Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media are seen as two different fronts. SEO by Social Media is easier than we think. Social Media is the most powerful “tool” which compliments SEO.

In this era of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one-way making use of the right keywords and right tags that makes your content discoverable.

On the other hand, you can win social media by making use of the right content, establish a call to action while they may seem odds with each other when used correctly. They have huge benefits for your business and brands. Social media compliments SEO in a deeper and stronger way than we think. Ranking high in search engines can be an indirect impact of your social media activities. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to improve your ranking by creating direct and indirect links.

These influence search bots to index your content faster and higher in search results. In this blog, I am going to talk about the different ways of using social media to improve your google search rankings and get better Optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization, SEO by SMO

1 – Using keywords for search-ability.

2 – Increase your back links.

3 – Maximize your followers 

Using Keywords for Search-ability

Establishing a strong presence on social media can strengthen the power of your SEO campaigns. Facebook and Twitter allow you to be discoverable online. Use keywords in your post or tweets.

Make sure you feed your content with the right keywords of hashtags and important words and maximize all areas where words are present.

In uploading videos use the same keywords and hashtags for your description and title. Make sure you use keywords with high search volume and avoid repeating the same words repeatedly in your post to prevent search engine penalties.

Using keywords for search-ability

Increase Backlinks

Search engines such as Google puts a premium on high-quality link building to help index your content. Links on social media often considered high-quality links since these platforms have high web rankings regarded as highly respectable sites.

Make sure you maximize this by sharing content created from your website directly on social media platforms.  Encourage sharing, every share made by other users build on the link you posted. Also, place a working link to specific landing pages. Not only in your content but in all profiles and bios as well.

By placing these links on your Instagram or Twitter bio you can maximize effective link building to your website for higher ranks.


Maximize Social Media Followers

Maximize your following user, your following on social media platform to ask user feedback comments replies on your post make sure that they link back to the post this will create more content on your page potentially increasing the ranking. Long-tailed keyword queries make effective use of user-generated content by pushing other content creators and curators to get the links you share and builder contain around them.

You can do this by building genuine connections with other content creators and curators.  Start by reaching out to them engaging with their posts and help them without any expectations.

Social Media Follower

These are the very few but most important factors used to enhance website performance.

I hope this blog will help you out to get improve your website ranking.


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