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DeskTime is a completely automatic time-tracking software. In this article, we are going to cover its key features. It is completely employees work monitoring software. It is used in order to get the report of employees’ work activities unlikely other CRM such as HubSpot, Funnel CRM etc.  It helps increase employees’ productivity by 30 per cent within the first week of use.

Check how you and your employees spend their time offline & online, calculate time by projects and automatically track their costs based on employees’ hourly rates. Besides, it generates customized reports for in-house use or for your clients. Plan employee’s time offs and vacations, track overtime pay, and store the contact information of your team members in one place.

DeskTime Overview

It is a completely automated cloud-based tracking solution that chiefly tracks and monitors the productivity of employees. Besides accurately totaling the number of working hours spent on projects and tasks, the software also generates real-time usage of apps and websites.

DeskTime gives thorough feedback on the URLs and apps visited at specific moments, along with any offline time used for performing other specified activities. This commitment to “transparency, fairness, and accountability” is said to be at the heart of the product, to give visibility into productivity in a mode that empowers workers rather than forging a sense of doubt and suspicion.

This tool’s monitoring of competence extends to the configuring of everyday email reports, while an online review of employee activities is obtainable anytime.

Besides offline time can be traced also, while stating reasons for periods away and arranging vacations with an Absence Calendar. DeskTime is not only aided the coordination of leave among employees, but also the preparation of workloads and the making of reports for computing monthly salary.

Custom reporting alternatives can actually be produced detailing each facet of productivity and capability. Extra capabilities go on to comprise contact information management for a suitable lookup of the colleague’s phone number, email, etc.

It gives an alternate automatic screenshot feature for regularly capturing worker desktop activity. DeskTime access is extended beyond the desktop browser because of native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

DeskTime’s Overview and its  Key Features in Self Explanatory format [Video] 

DeskTime Features

  • Online, Offline, Mobile time tracking
  • Project time monitring
  • Time per project reporting
  • Custom email reports
  • Time tracking by project
  • App tracking
  • Productivity reporting
  • Visual analytics
  • URL tracking
  • Activity monitoring
  • CSV export
  • Activity tracking
  • Native iOS / Android apps
  • User activity monitoring
  • Screenshot capture
  • Absence calendar
  • Time / task reporting
  • Real time monitoring
  • Self monitoring
  • Hourly employee tracking
  • Sick leave tracking
  • Contact management

Benefits of Using DeskTime

  • DeskTime Employee Performance Monitoring tool is real time “project time tracking” software or tool for identifying areas and gauging productivity where time is actually wasted.
  • Total automated features means that no manual data entry is necessary to implement complete, accurate tracking with a highly developed DeskTime Reports tool for comparing individual or team efficiency & exporting to CSV for sharing.
  • DeskTime allows co-workers, team managers, and freelancers to gain a better visibility and understanding of what is truly happening during work time, giving visibility into habits with URL or app usage tracking and the alternative of scheduled regular screenshots.
  • Correctly track the time taken on tasks and projects, utilizing the data to create more sensible estimates going forward & also bill customers fast for exactly what they owe.
  • Coordinate time off efficiently with an Absence Calendar to schedule and plan and sick leave or planned vacations, useful to arrange workflows within co-workers and also within reports for payroll office purposes.

Price List Of DeskTime

  • Free Trial: Accessible (No Credit Card required)
  • DeskTime is free of charge for one user LITE plan.
  • Starting from: $7.00/month (A free 14-day trial is obtainable, after which the tool costs from $7/user/month)
    Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Discounts are accessed for big companies

DeskTime Pro – at $7 per user per month

  • App Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Control Panel
  • Windows Title Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Reports
  • Projects
  • URL Tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Data History
  • Vacation and Absence Tracking
  • Billing Rates

DeskTime Lite – Free for One User Only

  • Mobile App
  • App Tracking
  • Time Tracking

Trending Competitors of DeskTime by Price

  • Kickidler Pricing – $9.99
  • RescueTime Pricing – $9
  • Refog Employee Monitor Pricing – $92
  • Mobistealth Pricing – $16.66
  • WorkiQ Pricing-by quote

DeskTime: Pros, Cons & Final Verdict


URL and App tracking. Time tracking. Custom reports. Blurred screenshots. Google and Outlook calendar integration. Productivity metrics. Mobile apps. Project and task management.


No keystroke logging. Only XLS export; no CSV. No keyword tracking. No automated alerts. Limited reporting. No file and document tracking.


Final Verdict

DeskTime is an easy-to-use, affordable, combination of project and time tracking plus productivity-focused app monitoring tool. The reporting and functionality is bare bones compared to other Employee Performance Monitoring tools, but it’s a solid tool with loads of customize capacity.

DeskTime also available on Google Play as well as on App Store

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