Top 6 Reasons You Should Have A Website

Gone are the days when only business owners used to have their websites and wished to demonstrate their products online. Now the internet has reached to every cell phone. It means your work can be global in less than a minute.

Whether you are a teenage student or a working professional I am sure you will have at least one hobby in which you are better than anyone else.


Professionals like – painter, sand artist, sketch artist, chef, teacher, coin collector, Lawyer, Gardner, magician, stand up comedian, fitness enthusiastic, astrologer, potter, a relationship advisor, writer, researcher, etc. are more in demand nowadays than ever. If anyone of them uses the internet with full potential, he will surely be the next influencer. 

Symbol of Professionalism:

Whenever we put something on the website it is published in the best professional manner, unlike social media platforms.

It helps in carving the work and gives a sense of professionalism.

Helps To Be An Influencer

If you have an “Original” talent people like to see it. It is admired by everyone. 

When you help people selflessly and keep following the pattern that helps to become an influencer. for example, you are a chef and helping people with your recipes and making their life spicier by your real-life experience blogs and videos people will start following you gradually.

This is the simplest and easiest formula to be an influencer.

Globally Accessible

It is close to impossible for any individual to write on all social media platforms. Moreover, different countries have their own preference. For example, China has its own social media platforms. Russians don’t prefer Facebook compare to US citizens. But the website is globally accessible. No matter where your target audience is, the website can be opened from every part of the world.

Helps To Earn Money

As we all know the website is the best platform to earn money. You can start doing it just by enabling google ad sense or similar tool. This is the quickest way to earn passive income. 

So, you are in a win-win situation. You are being globally recognized as well as earning the money.

Easy To Promote

A website or blog is the easiest thing to promote, unlike social media account/page/profile. You just need to past the link on the different media platforms, and… That is it. Social networks will start promoting it automatically and will show to only those people who are interested in your product or services.