How AI Can Help You Generate Qualified Leads That Convert

Did you know, with the help of AI, you can generate highly qualified leads that quickly convert to customers?

Imagine receiving an instant notification with information about prospects who are seeking products and services like yours! Yes, this is achievable with the help of AI.

Also, you can access complete information about individuals who are searching online for specific solutions – details such as phone numbers, email addresses, locations, social media profiles, company names, and more.
Such kind of approach is also called the AI-Lead Generation Approach.


AI makes this possible and achievable. We call this data Buyer Intent Data. The best buyer intent data is the kind that furnishes information when the prospect is in a buying position and prepared to take the desired action.

Project winning percentages are consistently high with such data.

How is Buyer Intent Data collected?

Several factors are monitored before sharing the final database. These factors include prospects’ digital footprints on websites, social media comments, searched topics on search engines, CRM activities, and more.

Where can you find Buyer Intent Data?

There is a tool named ZoomInfo, currently the most renowned sales & marketing tool known for its quality and commitment. I have been using it for the past 2 years and am more than satisfied with the data quality.


AI Lead Generation with Some Extra Features

In addition to its buyer intent data capacity, its built-in AI suggests the best medium to connect with prospects.

As we know, some people prefer responding to emails over phone calls, while others like discussing matters on the phone. The AI will identify the contact who will engage with you according to your preferred communication method. This AI-Lead Generation feature is the most important weapon for ABM marketers.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest availing the advantages of AI, especially for those who aim to close big deals.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to let me know. I would love to answer your queries. Alternatively, you can sign up for free for ZoomInfo, and their team will assist you with a demo and address all your questions.