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KidSecured Features:

KidSecured Track Text Messages

 With KidSecured it becomes easier to keep a close vigilance on kids’ smartphone or tablet’s texting activities. Parents can thoroughly monitor every single outgoing and incoming text and multimedia messages and keep a close eye on their daily communications. It will have a record of all those people (name, contact number and the date and time of sent or received messages) with whom the child has interacted with as well as the contents of those messages. It will help them to prevent their children from falling victims of online predators.

KidSecured Read Messaging Apps

 There are so many online messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Hangout, Tinder, Instagram etc., which are not only addictive but also an ideal place for cyber crimes like identity theft, sexting, cyber bullying etc. Children tend to be an easy target for these online predators or scammers because they start believing in whatever they see and can be easily lured by false commitments. These youngsters start building a new world of their own which parents are mostly unaware of.

With the help of KidSecured parents can keep a close track on all the information that is sent or received from their child’s device. Instead of anticipating from the fear of any unknown danger that might harm their children, they can now take adequate actions to prevent it. Parents can check every message, photo or video shared by their kids, from their Control Panel. They can also get to know with whom the kids are interacting with.


Some of these messaging apps like Snapchat claim to delete all messages within seconds but, children don’t know that people can even take screenshots of those messages and cause harm to them. In such cases parents can be rest assured that the Control Panel of their KidSecured will have the entire Snapchat data including all multimedia files, deleted messages including the time and date.

  The dating apps like Tinder also poses a threat to the safety of youngsters. There are so many unethical people scattered across the web who fake themselves as children on the dating apps and try to exploit the kids emotionally as well as physically. Children, mostly unaware of their foul intentions, easily fall victim. KidSecured helps the parents to go through their kid’s account and see with whom their child is communicating with. They can personally monitor all the conversations that had happened on the account and even check the search criteria that has been set so as to prevent the child from any kind of future emotional or physical harm.

KidSecured Track Location

 Another feature of KidSecured is to help parents track the location of their kids. It’s not possible for them to be with their kids at all places and hence the fear of getting entangled into some kind of unfavorable situation will keep hovering in their minds whenever their child is out. KidSecured enables them to get rid of this fear with the help of its fantastic location tracking feature where the app will keep updating about all the current locations elaborately in a map. It would also provide the history of all the routes taken by the child for a specific period of time. Parents will be able to get a detailed list of each and every location including exact address and time.

  KidSecured also offers Geo-fencing where parents can set limitations or boundaries in terms of places where kids can go by the help of a map. For example places like school, some relative’s house, own house can be set as safe locations. Every time the kid goes out of this specific boundary or the set “safe location” the app will send alerts to the parents. In this way they will be able to keep a close track on their children. Parents can set as many safe locations as they want. They can closely monitor the timings and frequency of visiting the place/places. They would also receive emails giving details of every location visited by their kids. This will not only help the parents to know the whereabouts of their kids but, also protect the kids from going to any insecure places.


Control Apps And Programs

 There are so many apps available, some are informative and of educational importance, some are for light entertainment and there are some which are only a mere waste of time and might also be unsafe for the kids.

Different social networking apps and gaming apps are a source of addiction for many people. Children and teens easily get attracted and fall for it. Teens who get too much involved in these start ignoring their studies which results in poor academic scores. They get sucked into this virtual world and start getting detached from family and friends. Moreover these websites are scattered with fraudulent people who don’t hesitate to take advantage of an innocent.

KidSecured gives the privilege to keep track of all the downloaded apps and check the necessary details like name and version. The “Block App” option enables a parent to block a particular app if he /she thinks it’s not appropriate for the kid. Also, by the help of KidSecured Key logger feature parents can monitor what all is being typed by the kids on their smartphone and tablet devices. Their Control Panel will have a record of all the keystrokes from the kid’s device. It will show all the words, phrases, sentences etc. that was typed by the kid from his device. Depending on this they can take necessary steps.


Monitor Internet Activity

With KidSecured parents can monitor all the websites visited by their children on the web. There are a lot of stuff in the internet, some are good and some are bad. Most of the time children are unable to judge this difference and land into dangerous situations.

There are so many types of malicious content circulating online, like, violence inflicting websites, websites promoting racism, sites instigating children to perform suicidal tasks, some with pornographic content etc.

Parents can monitor all such activities from their Control Panel. They can browse through each and every website visited by their kids from their smartphone device and also view the browsing history with exact time and date. They can also filter the inadmissible content using the KidSecured website blocking feature. Parents can even locate whether the kid has bookmarked and saved any such websites on their browser or not and if they find it inappropriate then they can go ahead and block those sites.

  Additionally, parents can set unique keyword alert and by doing so, monitor what their kids browse for. Parents will receive real-time notification whenever a pre-defined keyword is typed on their device.

Can’t think of a keyword? No problem! KidSecured puts up keyword suggestions and top keywords that subscribers go with.

Being so far and yet so near is no longer a cliche. KidSecured combines GPS and Wi-Fi hotspots remarkable accuracy in locating the exact whereabouts of the device holder.

So next time whenever a teen is out of the house leaving behind anticipating parents, Wi-Fi hotspots will help the parents in locating the exact location of their child. For example with GPS tracking feature parents will get to know that the child had gone to his coaching center, but with Wi-Fi hotspot tracking feature they will get to know that instead of going to the coaching center he went to an eatery joint  situated two buildings away from the coaching center. In this way it will be easy to track every movement of the kids with accurate time, duration etc.

Read Emails

  KidSecured gives the benefit of monitoring all outgoing and incoming emails from the kids’ devices. Parents, from their Control Panel, can check the contents of all emails. It will also include the deleted and spam emails. Apart from the content they will also know the who are the senders/recipients of those emails and will also show the date and time.

Access Contacts And Calendar Activities

  With KidSecured parental control app parents can access the address book from their kid’s device. They will get to know who all are there in the kid’s contact list from their Control Panel along with the names and phone numbers and in which categories they are saved, like home, business, emails etc. Parents can even block any of the contacts from the address book if they find it suspicious.

 Another value added feature of KidSecured is to send notification alerts on calendar activities. Parents can view all the activities marked by kids on their device’s calendar. Any suspicious entry will generate a notification alert for parents. So if anyone is planning for a secret meeting and have marked it on their device’s calendar, KidSecured will notify their parents.


KidSecured Remote Control

KidSecured gives device information like device charge level, its location – specifically highlighting spots with inferior or no network coverage which causes hindrance in getting the calls connected. Checking the mobile operator and whether it’s a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection are other added benefits of this app.

  Control Panel in KidSecured gives complete access to all the data from the kid’s smartphone device. Parents can monitor or view all outgoing/incoming calls, messages, photos and videos, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, emails sent or received, GPS locations, calendar activities etc. from kids’ device and take necessary steps to avoid any kind of unwanted trouble.

KidSecured Excellent Support Features

  KidSecured provides 24/7 customer support to all subscribers. Any technical or installation issues will be immediately taken care by their experts. The KidSecured app has a “self-help” section as well as usual email and chat support options too.

Notification alerts are generated in case of a KidSecured app problem on installed device. So, parents can quickly check the Control Panel and find whether the app got deleted or uninstalled or the mobile phone used by the child got damaged. They can also check the time when the app had stopped working.


KidSecured has three pricing plans.


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  1. Thank you, I have bought it last week and it gave me 100% access of my loved one’s phone. $200 for a whole year is like a peanuts. I recommend it to everyone who has doubt on his/her partners or kids. Do it before it’s too late.

  2. I am confuse in Flexi spy and kidsecured. My main purpose is to see my girlfriend’s record I have strong doubt on her.

    1. Hi Rajeev,

      Both the software are fine and give you complete access of phone. You can choose any of them on the basis of your personal preferences and UI. All the very best.

  3. I created an account and was immediately locked out. I called for support and the call was disconnected. I could not access my account. I could not contact the comapny. Yet there was an $80 charge on my account.

    Once the charge posted to my account, I had to dispute it through my credit card company. THe next day I received an email with a link to reset my password, it was a week between creating th eaccount and getting locked out and disputing the charge. …. I emailed back requesting a refund and was told that my reason for requesting the refund was not sufficient.

    DO NOT use this app. There is no customer service and once they do contact you from Czechoslovakia, they are cold and uncooperative.

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