FlexiSpy is considered most powerful spy software. It gives comprehensive monitoring facility to any other phone. It works perfectly on both Android as well on iOS. It has some tremendous features which make this software best among its competitors.


Like other spy software it has features like like call recording, social media access, GPS location tracker, chat recording etc. But it has some more advance features which make this software best or can say complete spy software i.e. listen on going call  internet (Skype, Whats App etc) as well as normal.

As I mentioned It gives complete access of phone, so you can view installed applications, their version and usage frequency.

Flexispy Key features – 

FlexiSpy has more features than any other spy software. The best thing is that it works on any device whether PC or mobile. No matter what OS you have it performs well in any condition.

Its key features are following:

Social Media –

If we talk about social media then there are hundreds of social media platform available and people are using it. so by Flexispy every social media activities can be monitored. Exchange Fiels, chat history, stickers and emoji also.

GPS Location –

Monitor live location of device by FlexiSpy GPS tracking features. It allows you to record all location where cellphone has been moreover you can set limitation/boundaries as well, if the cellphone goes beyond that you will be notified instantly. 

Read Contents-

Read all incoming and outgoing SMS even if they were deleted. It has an advance feature which works as a security layer between the phone and outside world by this feature you can choose one or multiple keywords. Sms contents these keywords will be deleted automatically even before reaching to phone. Along with sms all ongoing and incoming emails can also be monitored. Get alerts when specific Keywords appear in an Email.

FlexiSpy Media Exhange Feature –

Felxispy allows you to view and download media files consist in the cellphone. You have access of pictures and videos captured by camera these files cam be downloaded anytime.

FlexiSpy Website Monitoring –

Each and every website and time duration, download history, activities on websites and used password also can be viewed. you can set limit of internet use.

Environment monitoring-

If you talk about Spy software then without this features the software is not complete. This feature allows to use phone’s microphone as a mic, you can listen and record on going conversation around cellphone. You can set timer to began recording and listen later sometime or can start manually by using Ambient Recording feature.

Exclusive Features –

Spoof SMS This feature allows you to send sms from target device to anyone whether from phone book or any other number. You can create sms as per your choice and send to anyone from the same device. The sent sms will not be shown in outbox. FlexiSpy sends sms without even device owner’s knowing.

FlexiSpy RemCam – Flexispy allows you to take control on both front and rare camera. It takes two pictures simultaneously  from cameras, one from front and second from rare at same time to make sure the actual position  of target device.

RemVid – Similar to RemCam you will be able to record videos from target device without cellphone owner’s permission.

SpyCall- SpyCall feature works as secret microphone, helps in listening target device’s surrounds and nearby voices.

FlexiSpy gives you choice whether you want to show icon or want to keep secret by hiding from the phone.

FlexiSpy Pricing

FlexiSpy has two pricing plans –

1 – PREMIUM $68 / Month

2 – EXTREME $199 / Month (gives you all above mention features)

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FlexiSpy offers you 24 hours free trial.

Flexispy gives you choice whether you want to show icon or want to keep serect by hiding from the phone.