Leadfeeder is a website visitor identification software. Or in simple language, it is a lead generation software that collects useful data from website visitors’ activities. The purpose of using this tool is to identify website visitors and convert them into prospects. It gives you an insight into your website visitors such as Company Name, Visited pages, spent time on certain pages, along with the company’ Linkedin, Facebook, Crunchbase (if available) profile and a lot more. It is the most useful tool for salespeople and marketers. It shows the employees’ details also, such as how many employees are visiting your website from a company. Leadfeeder has the ability to identify them. It uses the domain network and the location from google analytics to identify the website visitors. Because of that Leadfeeder is able to give the most precise information. Leadfeeder is a preferred Google Analytics partner.
  • Leadfeeder is a website visitor identification Software.
  • It gives the segmented details of the visited companies as well as employees.
  • Visitors’ past browsing history.
  • It identifies bots, ISPs.
  • Easy to integrate with existing CRM and Linkedin Sales Navigator.
  • Free trial for 14 days. Paid plan with $53/month

Leadfeeder Features:

  • Identify Visitors
  • Get email alerts
  • Send leads to your CRM

1- Identify Visitors

Leadfeeder generates leads from the current visitors of the website or you can say that it turns anonymous website visitors into the company information along with contactable details.

It gives you the details of the number of pages visited by a certain visitor (Company), most clicked page(s), etc.

a – High-intent lead lists: 

After the lead capturing process it gives you segmented details of companies such as Industry, company headcount, location, web activities, custom properties, etc. It also develops a list of high-intent sales.

b – Accuracy:

Leadfeeder gives the most precise company information. It has a system to identify bots, ISPs, and other suspicious clicks take place on the website.

It immediately removes these hits and always gives proper genuine visitor (company) details. It has a scoring system that ranks companies according to their previous online activities so It always shows you high-value target on the top of the list.

c – Find out the company’s browsing history:

With Leadfeeder’s powerful search option you can get a complete browsing history of any company. That way you can get a clear idea of their interest. It helps in making strategies before approaching them. This feature helps the salespeople most.

2 – Personalized Email Alert:

In personalized email alert – You will be notified by email, whenever the specific company visits. 

Afterward, with the help of the monitoring tool, you will get to know when your target account is ready to be contacted.


CRM Integration:

Leadfeeder is very compatible with all major CRMs, with this you can send all your leads directly to your existing CRM system. It is an automated process does not require any manual effort. 

You can assign the lead to any of your colleagues through email right from the Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder Pricing:

It offers 14 days free trial. After that, plans start at $53/month.

Some important stats:

User satisfaction: 97%            Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp

Support: Phone, Email, Live chat

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