Top 3 Network Monitoring Tools: Auvik vs SolarWinds vs NinjaOne

Understanding the importance of network management is key for any business to succeed. It helps in proactively handling your IT setup. By doing this, it lowers the risk of attacks like zero-day exploits and other dangers.1 This guide shares the top network monitoring tools I found. I’m eager to show you what I’ve learned.2

Finding the right network monitoring tool is crucial, whether you have a small business or you’re an IT expert. It’s all about keeping your network safe, working well, and reliable. I’m going to look at Auvik, SolarWinds, and NinjaOne. We’ll see what they offer, what users think, and how much they cost. This information will help you decide wisely.

Key Takeaways

  • Handling your network well is critical for avoiding cyber threats.
  • Some top network monitoring tools include Auvik, SolarWinds, and NinjaOne. Each has special features.
  • Key parts of a good network monitoring tool are centralized monitoring and many helpful automation features.
  • NinjaOne has very happy customers, with 97% satisfaction and 95% improving their IT service.
  • Users also very much like Auvik, Domotz, and ManageEngine OpManager, according to G2 and Capterra.

Introduction to Network Monitoring

What is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring means always keeping an eye on your network. You check how well it’s working, if it’s available, and how safe it is.3 This means using tools to look at important network data, like how much bandwidth is being used, and the behavior of network traffic.

Importance of Network Monitoring in Modern IT Infrastructure

In today’s world, IT is more important than ever for businesses. So, keeping an eye on the network is key for its success.3 Monitoring tools show how the network is doing as a whole, its security, and if resources are used well. This let’s IT teams solve problems before they cause trouble.

Bandwidth Monitoring Software

Performance Monitoring Software

Security Monitoring Software

  • Provides real-time information on bandwidth usage by applications, devices, or users.
  • Helps identify bandwidth-hungry applications or devices for effective resource allocation.
  • Crucial for optimizing bandwidth resources and network performance.
  • Offers real-time data on performance metrics including response time, latency, packet loss, and throughput.
  • Assists in identifying performance bottlenecks for resource optimization.
  • Vital for enhancing network performance and user experience.
  • Offers real-time alerts on security threats, unauthorized access attempts, and malware infections.
  • Aids in preventing data breaches and network intrusions.
  • Essential for maintaining network security and preventing security incidents.

Network Traffic Monitoring Software

Application Monitoring Software

Log Monitoring Software

  • Provides insights into network traffic volume and patterns.
  • Identifies network congestion and abnormal traffic patterns for issue resolution.
  • Ensures efficient traffic flow and resource optimization for network performance.
  • Monitors business-critical applications’ performance in real-time.
  • Identifies application performance issues for user experience optimization.
  • Helps in ensuring application availability and responsiveness.
  • Analyzes log files for errors, warnings, and critical events impacting network performance.
  • Provides insights into system activities and user behavior for issue troubleshooting.
  • Crucial for maintaining network performance and security through continuous monitoring.

5 Essential Components of Network Monitoring Tools

Network management aims to give all users a safe, fast, and dependable network. For this, great network tools must provide these 5 key functions:

Centralized Network Monitoring

With centralized monitoring, you handle everything in one place, vital for distant or mixed teams. It gives you full sight and power over your whole network in one view.

Automated Management

Automation means fewer manual tasks and less risk of mistakes. It lets your IT team stop wasting time on updates and focus on bigger plans. This boosts how efficient your team is.

Exhaustive and Detailed Message Logging

Thorough message logging is key for meeting industry standards and sticking to rules. It creates an audit trail of all network moves, which helps you fix problems and show you’re following the rules.

Configuration Management

Configuration tools keep all your IT things working as they should, no matter where they are. This stops different system settings from causing trouble across your network.

Network Analytics

Analytics let you watch and boost your network’s action, reliability, view, and safety. They help you spot and fix issues before they bother your users, using smart data.


The Best Network Monitoring tool, Auvik vs SolarWinds vs NinjaOne comparison.



NinjaOne brings network monitoring software to its endpoint management. It gives you a view of all SNMP devices, like routers, switches, and firewalls, in one place  It allows your team to see how your IT network is doing in real time. This makes your work more effective. NinjaOne is trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide for its quick and precise network monitoring.

Key Features of NinjaOne

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Proactive Monitoring and SNMP Capabilities.

NinjaOne keeps an eye on your network all day, every day. It immediately notifies you of any issues so you can solve them quickly.1 Plus, NinjaOne makes sure your network data is secure with encryption and MFA. It’s also SOC 2 certified.

Alerts, Notifications, and Advanced Reporting

This software comes with over 50 templates for different device types. This means you can see what’s happening in your IT setup.1 It also has excellent reporting to help you keep up with industry benchmarks and rules.

Customer Story and Pricing

NinjaOne leads the way on G2 for managing endpoints, patching, and watching over networks.2 Users in 80+ countries love it, with 1,102 reviews on G2 giving it 4.8/5 stars, and 204 reviews on Capterra that also show a 4.8/5 average.2 NinjaOne’s pricing is flexible, fitting both small companies and big organizations.

Auvik is a cloud-based program that helps manage and observe networks. It handles many tasks automatically, like keeping records and watching over networks. It is promoted as a tool for taking care of problems before they happen. With Auvik, you can see and manage your network quickly, even if your team is spread out. People using G2 find it easy to start and use. It gives workers detailed views of networks, making their work documenting and fixing issues better.

Network Visualization and Ease of Use

Auvik is perfect for companies that don’t have many technical staff to keep an eye on their networks. Its design works well for those already using cloud services. It’s praised for showing clear network maps and real-time monitoring devices.

Valuable Insights and Documentation

Traffic Insights’ in Auvik help solve network problems faster and give data to improve networks over time. It can handle big jobs, like tracking over 15 different offices networked together. Auvik’s value lies in saving time updating network records and bringing new clients on board.


SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor helps IT teams and technicians with network troubleshooting. It works for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud services. This software is part of the SolarWinds Network Management Productivity bundle, suitable for all IT departments and MSPs. You get a clear view of your device network status with its well-organized user interface. And you can customize reports to show the metrics important to stakeholders. SolarWinds also has a web-based console for easy access and management of IT infrastructure from the web.

Monitoring Capabilities

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor provides detailed network monitoring. It tracks services on-premises, in hybrid setups, and in the cloud. Although it may require robust hardware, its detailed reporting and alert features are valuable. It offers customizable dashboards and quick notifications. This helps IT professionals manage network performance and security threats effectively.


Effective network monitoring is key for a healthy and safe IT setup. Looking at top tools like Auvik, SolarWinds, and NinjaOne helps me pick the best fit for my business.

Centralized visibility, automation, logging, and analytics make sure our network runs well. They also help keep security risks low. Though there might be some hurdles, the pros of a good monitoring system are worth it. They help my IT team and boost my organization’s success.

With tools that offer alerts, dashboards, and reports, I can stay ahead of IT issues. This reduces downtime and makes our work more efficient. Plus, these tools work well with our current systems and offer features like multi-cloud support. This makes them even more valuable.