Two All-Time Best Data Mining tools.

There are two all-time best data mining tools I would like to discuss about, however tons of other products (such as Email Hunter, Skrapp, LeadGibbon etc) available in the market which I don’t think worthy even for discussion. Reason – Some of them are nice and have better results as well but there are certain limitations, such as the number of searches, narrow information, etc. Nowadays Email hunter or is quite popular. It is a nice tool and helps in finding email addresses to some extent. But there are some limitations and you will have to be dependent on their database. One more thing I would like to mention that if you are looking for a Linkedin email finder or finding emails from the website then keep reading till the end I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

Here are the best two tools/platforms or Email Finders to get your desired email database for email marketing. If I say best it means they are meeting with certain parameters like price, accuracy and customer support.



It is the best Email Database provider.

DiscoverOrg is a cloud-based platform which has hundreds of millions database. The uniqueness of this platform is, it provides almost all required details i.e. Official phone number with extension as well as cell phone number too. Same with email id.

It is the best email finder tool ever I used. If you need a personal email along with business, you will get it. Search filters are really very vast.

It gives the details beyond our expectations like detailed information about technologies being used, future plans, growth charts, employees’ bio, and their responsibilities, employees’ location and many more.

No other tool can replace DiscoverOrg. It is the alternative of Linkedin email finder, Google Email Extractor, Website Email Extractor and lot more.

DiscoverOrg is the platform that has all the information about companies as well as employees.

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DiscoverOrg Scoops

There is a feature called Scoops, fill the scoop according to your requirement and it will keep updating you with all essential details. This makes it the best email finder.

For Exp. you are looking for the client(s) from X city or country, who has Y requirement. Make the Scoops for this need. You will start getting updates of those companies who have the same requirements along with the contact person’s email id, LinkedIn, cell phone number etc.

This feature makes the sales process quite easy. Instead of wasting time approaching clients through cold calling or mailing you can directly hit where it requires.


The quality of the database is marvelous they claim that the database is manually generated and keeps getting updated every three months. This is why It gives more precise data than anyone else.

It gives an unlimited database. It means you can get as many contacts as you want.

In the recent past, they acquired some big names like Zoominfo, Rainking, iProfile, Neverbounce etc.

Negative Points of DiscoverOrg,

It is too much costly. They do not offer free trial as well. That is why the majority of startups can not afford it.

So it is most suitable for the well-established organization.

I purchased its subscription in 2016 for limited areas at that time it had cost me about $16,000 that too for a subset database.

For a free demo or more information just type and you will be landed at its home page.

As we are talking about here, Two All-Time Best Data Mining tools or Best Email Finder (s). It will be unfair if Snvio is not mentioned.

Before using the Snovio I couldn’t even imagine that there was a tool that could be so helpful in the data generation process.

Key Features of Snovio

  • Low Cost
  • High Accuracy Rate (about 98%)
  • Automation Process
  • Extract Emails from websites

It is majorly considered the best email finder for Linkedin however, it works perfectly fine on any other genuine website.

Let’s start with Linkedin.

If you explore right party contact on Linkedin and you find him/her there, you have to just press on Snovio extension and rest will be done by it. It is a super easy and simplest process.

The extracted email addresses will be stored in your desired list, later you can export it either on a Google Spreadsheet, CSV or XLSX file.

See the screenshot below

If you export the email addresses in bulk from Linkedin then Snovio has solved your problem. In just a few clicks all pages will be exported with email ids and other information.

For instance, you want to export data or email list from page one to ten then you are just a few clicks away to send it your list.

I personally think it is the best feature Snovio has introduced.


As we all know Snovio gives email addresses with three categories. Valid (accuracy rate about 99%), Unknown(accuracy rate about 60%) Unknown (about 25% accuracy). (These percentages are based on my personal observation.)

Email extraction from the website is another great feature. Now you can get the right party contact (RPC) from the website as well.

It is as simple as Linkedin email extraction. Just open your desired company website. Go at Snovio extension and click on show all.

Now you will have employees list with their email id and role in the company. You can add as many contacts as you want.

It has many more other very useful features like Domain Search, Company Profile, Linker, Technology checker, Gmail Email Tracker etc.

Technology Checker which is quite useful for those who are working in IT companies, now you can target companies as per your capacities. You can find out the company on the basis of CMS, LMS, Language, CRM, Tool, Framework, CDN etc.

Now talk about the thing which is not satisfactory in Snovio, It is a Drip Campaign, which personally I didn’t find suitable. I used it multiple times but the open rate was far below average. After that I never used it.


Snovio is very cost-effective, it has four plans $33 gives 1,000 credits, $58 has 5,000 credits, $108 offers 20,000 and $166 plan brings 50,000.

Apart from the features and price, they have tremendously professional customer care. They always resolved my query within 15 mins.

Note- For availing all inbuilt tools you need to go for the paid version of

Two All-Time Best Data Mining tools | Conclusion

Two All-Time Best Data Mining tools

Both the tool/platform are best to get your desired database. Though DiscoverORG is far more superior than Snovio but it is too much costly. Freelancers, individuals or small startups can’t afford it.

For Enterprise I will strongly suggest DiscoverOrg, because it is better to have only one tool instead of dozens of sales/marketing employees. It can fulfill your email, cold calling database, as well as leads, need.

Snovio is the best email finder tool in its category. There is no comparison between DiscoverOrg and Snovio. Both have different methods to find the email address and other databases.

 This is why they both can be called “Two All-Time Best Tools for Datamining.”

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