ZoomInfo Buyer Intent Data

Start working on Ready to Convert buyers.

  • Stop shooting in the dark, approach, only those who are actual prospects.
  • Reach out to prospects before your competitors.
  • Get right party contact (RPC)/decision-maker easier than ever before.

What is ZoomInfo's Buyer Intent Data ?

Essentially, intent data is anything that indicates a lead is in their buying cycle and preparing to purchase your solution (or a competitor’s solution). The main sources of intent data include website data, off-site activity, your CRM, social media data, and content consumption data.


Discover the prospects who are actively looking for solutions like yours. ZoomInfo provides highly accurate buyer Intent data with all necessary details. Get real-time data for a faster approach.
ZoomInfo tracks buyers’ digital footprint all across the web, and capture them once they start signalling for the sale.


ZoomInfo Buyer Intent Data Key Benefits

A majority of B2B buyers do research online when seeking
solutions and the content they consume demonstrates their
intent to purchase, giving you a strong signal that they are in the
the market for your solution, right now.

ZoomInfo Intent analyzes online content consumption to surface
companies with the highest intent to buy along with the B2B
topics of greatest and most recent interest. By leveraging these
buying intent signals, your go-to-market (GTM) teams gain
the upper hand, focusing efforts on prospects you know are in
the market for solutions like yours to drive greater and faster
business growth.

Own your market with leading B2B contact data combined with sales intelligence, engagement software, and workflow tools.

The ZoomInfo Intent Difference

ZoomInfo Intent is the only real-time buyer intent solution
seamlessly integrating intent-to-buy signals with market-leading
B2B contact data in a unified platform.
GTM teams can identify accounts with the highest likelihood to
buy, then leverage in-platform workflows and integrations to
immediately take action, reaching ready-to-buy accounts first
and with little effort.

How ZoomInfo Intent Works

Intent surfaces relevant and timely intent insights at the company level through capturing and analyzing large
volumes of web traffic data and employing proprietary technology


The data sources driving ZoomInfo’s intent data do not rely on cookies, and customers are able to select
the frequency of updated intent data that best matches their needs (weekly, daily or real-time Streaming
Intent). Customers select the B2B topics most relevant to their business for surfacing intent signals, and for
customers seeking to monitor concepts more uniquely tied to their business, we offer the option to create
Custom Topics.

With ZoomInfo, customers can subscribe to over 4,000 out-of-the-box standard B2B topics.

3 Comments on “ZoomInfo Buyer Intent Data”

  1. Though I consider myself a computer savvy, still I was not aware about this kind of database.
    Now I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂
    Thanks, May God Bless you.

    1. We are pleased that our effort is being appreciated. ZoomInfo/DiscoverOrg is a big and one of the most trusted brands.
      We always suggest software/tool/methods once it passes our regressive tests.
      Further, if you have any questions regarding lead generation, data mining, email marketing, feel free to comment or write us [email protected].

      Thank you, Paul.

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