How to Generate Leads for Wedding Planning Business


I have recently been asked by one of our readers How to generate leads for the wedding planning business.
So, Dear Reader, this blog is for you. I could have replied to you in the same email, however publishing it on the public platform will help others too, in promoting their business.

Our team will definitely mail you the answer and the link to this blog.

So now come to the topic, Generating leads for the wedding planning business is not that much hard. In fact, it is easier than the other B2B lead generation process.

  1. Finding
  2. Approach
  3. Showcase
  4. Assurance


So first and the most important question arises how to find those who are interested to work with wedding planners?

The answer is Facebook.
I tell you why

Finding out those, who are either engaged or planning to get married is really easy on Facebook. Probably Facebook is the only platform that provides such personal information. This information for any wedding planner is a key to “success”.


Create a Facebook page for your business and start getting run the ads. Target those, who have recently gotten engaged, are in a committed relationship, or visiting the area which is specialized in marriage shopping.

Almost every city has at least one market which is completely dedicated to wedding shopping.

Facebook gives you complete information about your target demography. So I will suggest you take advantage of these functions and use it for business purposes.

As you know you can choose, who will see your ads by selecting, age (choose age from 25 to 40), Gender, Behavior, Job, Interest, Monthly Income, Visited Places (now here you have to do thorough research, target only who have been visiting the big hotels and restaurants because these are upper-class businessmen families who prefer better services instead of saving money unlike middle and lower middle class).

Approach :

 Now you need to run the Facebook ads targeting only those who are matching with these criteria.
Make a “killer”  Facebook ad, a slide show video (will work best) of your previous projects, show the happy and satisfied faces, and spread joy with this video message. if you are completely new, then the content must be very promising otherwise you will not be able to win the trust. Remember winning the trust is the icebreaker and it opens the doors for further discussion.

Showcase :

Showcase how your business can reduce the headache of wedding planning and responsibilities :

There is an old saying in marketing and sales that “Anything can be sold if it is sold with emotions” so put enough emotions along with showing your capabilities and professionalism.
Make an offer like “Free Assistance in the Wedding” or “We Assist Free if you have no time to arrange the marriage function” etc. Make your audience fill out the inquiry form. If they do so … That is it, now your presentation skills and commitment will play a further role.

A- Never tell a lie to your customers, if you are making a Free assistance offer then you must have something to offer them free whether they hire you or not. Always be 100% honest and transparent. 
B – Always show your client that you are here to help them not do business. Be a true well-wisher.
C- Always treat them as if they are going to give you a million-dollar business.


As the wedding planning business is relatively new, and people scare to take help from these agencies. They still believe in traditional arrangement methods like inviting neighbors, family friends, relatives, etc.

So getting the contract from these kinds of environment is more challenging if there is a lack of trust.
Assure them that things will be done by as per their requirements and preferences only.

For that, you may require a 5 pages normal website. On the very first page, you must mention something that wins their trust.

Remember money is not that important in the marriage ceremony. People prefer a smoother and more pleasant arrangement. So you can mention on the first page of the website or brochure, like “ We will arrange all the desired things before one day, etc” or whatever you like.

Show your local presence and approach the different hotels or places. Show your network etc. You can make a contract with the most preferred hotels/places in the city so that you can have less price. Mention it on your website it will attract more people.

Nowadays anyone can be found on the internet. As we all know each person has different interests and different requirements. You just have to be smart enough to find those ones.
Now let’s talk about the things you must have to generate leads.

-Facebook Page
-Internet Presence


Make a simple WordPress website and start promoting it. If you don’t know how to create a website, let me assure you it is a very simple process, anyone can do that. However, if you don’t have time to spend on it, then you can hire a freelance developer.
Domain and Hosting cost won’t exceed $25 first year. (Godaddy)

Facebook Page:

Nowadays Facebook page is an essential component of any business. Not only to promote your business it is used to show your presence on the most preferred virtual platform, and it also helps in  SEO, I have written a blog on how social media can boost your website ranking
Make sure your page looks professional and well-established. You must have page likes between 1500 to 2000 at least.
Because a professional-looking page helps in winning the trust of your clients. Almost all clients check their credibility on the internet then only conversation goes ahead.
If you are finding difficulties you can buy page/post likes from any genuine website.


Twitter has fewer users than Facebook, reason – Twitter is predominantly used by upper-middle-class and business-class people.
And these categories people have less time to arrange marriage party stuff. So make your business visible on Twitter as well.
Keep posting happy and positive thoughts with trending keywords. Don’t always sell your services. Just keep participating in trending topics (Hashtags #)

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, you should have a sufficient presence on the internet. Remember, the more you are visible the more sales you will make. Make an account on different other social media platforms like Pinterest etc and start engaging people. Take an example of any marketing giants, they all are very easily visible in front of their target audience.

Now, some essential tools you must-have in your websites:

1- Chat boat
2- Website heatmap
3- Google analytic


It helps your website visitors to get the instant answer of their query, and it helps you too to get their information like phone number, email, name, location, etc. (Always show that agent is online, will help to get more queries)

Website Heatmap Tool:

It helps to understand the website visitors’ behavior. What points of your content attracting most of the visitors, which page/part of your website is being read most, and which part is ignored. I can suggest a tool called Hotjar ( it gives you an insight of website heatmap, visitors’ session recordings, and their taken actions on your website (mouse activities). You can see the visitors’ country name, source, and lot more.
It gives you free recording up to 2000 visits.

Google Analytics:
As we all know the importance of Google analytic nowadays. So I don’t need to write much about it. It shows the real-time traffic and source, demography, session, bounce rate and whatnot.

Remember: Run the ads for at least 10 days in your target geography and with the same audience.
Because No one gives the information in the first few interactions.

For getting the better result you will have to spend a couple of months religiously following the above-mentioned steps.
I am more than sure you will be getting tons of leads for your wedding planning business.

For any other query regarding lead generation, you can comment below or can email us at [email protected]

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