How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

To increase the website conversion rate one should keep the perfect balance with methods, search engine algorithms and website conversion rate optimization tools. These aspects play a key role in the rapid increase in website conversion rate.  Before getting into the methods of the website conversion rate, we should have a clear idea about the term “website conversion”.

What is the website conversion rate?

 Website conversion is any action that you want your users to take, usually something significant such as making a purchase or completing an important task successfully. Such as form fill up, subscription, sign up, participate in surveys etc.

Website conversion rate can be understood by – the total number of visitors divided by those who take the desired action on the website.


The website conversion rate measures how well the website gets people to complete these actions. Like any metric, the conversion rate is more meaningful when you have some frame of reference to compare it to. If the conversion rate goes up that means your website is becoming more successful, and a positive sign, in order to achieve your online goals.

To achieving a high conversion rate, website structure and design play a key role.

But it has been observed that there are several dozens of other factors which influence the conversion rate. It means creating a well structured and informative website does not guarantee achieving your online goal.

Top 5 Free Methods to Increase Website Conversion Rate.

  • Reduce trust deficit.

  • Instant chat support.

  • Simple and well-structured UI.

  • SEO friendly product description.

  • Honest discount.



1 – Reduce Trust Deficit


 If your website/online store is new or not much popular among your audience, you will tackle this issue.

According to the study conducted by buySAFE, 81% of visitors do not feel safe buying products from a new website/online store. Visitors feel insecure because of doubts like being scammed, misuse of personal/card details, the authenticity of products, the return policies etc.


To eliminate such fear you should prove your existence by displaying company phone number, physical address etc. Also, you can showcase employees’ details on your website.

A 24*7 toll-free phone number with a professional massage like –

We are always available to help you out, call us on 123 456 789″.


“If you have even a minor query, we will be happy to assist you. Call us at 123 456 789”  etc.

Instant Chat Support:

To increase the website conversion rate you must have the chat support option available, especially for the high price products. It converts better than voice support. People do not feel comfortable all the time speaking on the call, that is where live chat support comes into the light. The chatbox should be available on every page.

Remember, do not ask for, phone number, email id at the beginning of the conversation, It looks a little rude. Also, people do not feel safe sharing their information on any unknown or new website. 

First, give something (solve the problem) then expect the return.


Look at the image below-


The Chatbox, and Call Back icons are covering the product listing, there is no option to cut them out. Visitors will get irritated seeing the same icons during their visit to the website. As a result, High Bounce Rate.

Avoid using such poor plugins which cover the important segment of the website, also do not force your visitors to take action as per your expectations.

2- Simple and well-structured user interface (UI):

As per the study, a 31% bounce rate takes place only because of the unattractive and complex layout.

Always choose the simplest theme which has a structured design and 100% responsiveness (mobile friendly).

A simple, structured and informative website is loved by everyone.

It includes the background colour, text size, shape and images.

No matter what your company’s theme colour is, try to use a white background with black text.

Exp: eBay, Amazon. If you pay close attention to these two eCommerce giants’ websites, you would notice, they are following the above-mentioned point.

3- Product description optimization:

Product description optimization or SEO friendly product description addresses the key issues, features and benefits. It provides a double advantage. Helps in driving organic traffic and addresses the topics which are being discussed.

Stuffing high ranking keywords only, doesn’t get the website ranked higher. Use keywords in a problem-solving approach, because, Google likes it and, it gets your website ranked higher.

Also, make information super easy to understand for common people. Do not use complicated words or multiple meaning phrases. It creates confusion and hampers in delivering your message to the audience.

Exp: Pay close attention to the below images. This snippet is ranking first in the google search. Interestingly, it belongs to a product listed on Amazon.


Now, pay a close attention to the product description 


If you read its description, you will find all the relevant long tail, short tail and LSI keywords have been used to address the issues.

Advertisement Oribi

4- Offer an Honest Discount:

We instantly attract to the discounted products, it is human psychology, nothing bad in this.

This is why offer the best available discount to your audience with honesty.

Remember, all the products you are selling are available on some of the most trusted eCommerce websites. That is why you have to create an irreplaceable offer.

Always ask a question from yourself, “Why people should buy from you rather than others?”.


A satisfactory and memorable experience:

Formulate compelling offers for your buyers. For instance – you can offer a free diet plan chart for the one who buys an exercise machine. Likewise, offer a free fashion ebook who purchases contemporary jeans from your store or, some extra discount for the upcoming sale.

If the seller provides multiple free gifts with a product, it is very hard for the customers to avoid the offer. Furthermore, it enhances the satisfaction level. In addition, it helps in getting new referred customers, also a great strategy for customer retention. That is why you always should try to make the sale a memorable moment for each customer.

Some commonly known factors that influence website conversion rate:

  • Page speed.

  • Social media outreach.

  • Video description.

  • Reviews.

  • Product Q&A.

Page speed:

If your website speed is slow and takes a little extra time to be loaded, it will cause of high bounce rate. As per a study, an average visitor waits for 4 seconds only. Visitors lose their interest if website pages consume more time.

That is why you have to be very careful at the time of choosing web hosting and website theme. Bluehost, Dreamhost and Kinsta (best for WordPress, recommended by google cloud) etc, are some of the finest names from the web hosting fair.

Social media outreach:

We all have recognized the power of social media. No online business can get desired success without the use of it. Now, any product can reach hundreds of millions of people in just a few days. Imagine, how much sales you can make if you use social media effectively. That is why use ALL the available networks to get maximum reach.

Create short videos for the platforms like musically, and the same video can be used on different other networks, like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

It may take time, but, trust me, social media serves the best. You just have to be consistent and produce engaging content.


Video description:

We all prefer watching rather than reading. A video description with a suitable voice creates 70% more engagement.

Exp: If the toy’s features are being described by a kid, will get more attention. Similarly, a muscular male voice in a heavy exercise machine will get more attention of the target audience.


Allow your customers to review their experience. Most of the buyers buy the product if it got positive reviews from the existing customers. It plays a major role in sales. So always try that your customers share their experience.

Product Q&A


This is another chance to address the issues people are looking for.

Describe the product features in a problem-solving manner.

Exp: If you are selling a fat loose medicine, your question must be like:

Is [your secondary] safe for a woman aged over 50?

[The medicine name] is 100% herbal has no side effects, so people from any age group can use it. No side effect has been found so far.

The above example is –

  • Solving the problem,
  • Highlighting the product’s key benefits
  • Eliminating the scarcity (of side effects)
  • Winning the trust.
  • Getting ranked your product in search results.


In fact, it is a complete marketing package. If you do proper keywords research the Q&A section helps to rank the product listing in different search engines.

These are some very important factors that play a key role in increasing the website conversion rate.

If you follow the instruction given in this blog, along with a powerful AI-powered web analytics tool such as ORIBI,  your conversion rate will be skyrocket in less than a month. 

These are the proven methods with Guaranteed results.

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