Funnel CRM Features And Reviews

What is Funnel CRM?

Funnel CRM is easy to understand and use a cloud-based sales CRM System. it helps freelancers and growing businesses sell faster.

The customer relationship management funnel or Funnel CRM is an accommodative and instinctive lead capture and CRM tool made to help SMEs and freelancers build up their customer base, create and manage their leads, and boost their business.

It caters to large and midsize businesses across several industries such as advertising, technology, outsourcing banking, and more. Its features also include multiple user support, task management, email management, and business proposal templates among others. Funnel CRM’s users can generate contact forms for their websites or set off custom email addresses that allow them to manage interactions with potential customers. Users can add titles and intros to their forms, set submit button text and use various form fields such as long text, short text, dropdown select, multiple choice answers, and more.


Contact management

Contact forms

Customizable forms

Business proposal templates

Email management

Task management

Case Management

Multiple users

CRM & Sales Reports

Contact Manager

CRM & Sales Dashboards

Email Integration

Lead Generation


Social CRM

Sales Tracking

Sales Quotes

Web Forms

Proposal Management

Sales Pipeline Tracking 

Benefits Of Using Funnel CRM

There are innumerable benefits that come with using this CRM software. You can speed up and automate your closing process, contributing directly to your revenue. Funnel CRM gives you the tools you require to manage your sales processes and track your leads. Let’s take a glance at some of the advantages of having a proper CRM.

Helps optimize E-mails

If you are not into forms, you can go for a special email address by this CRM. User’s messages are sent here and converted into leads. It also integrates with your Google Apps or Gmail account. It syncs messages & allows you reply right from Gmail where it will be sent in your Funnel thread so you do not need to open several apps at once.

Creating contact forms with no difficulty

Reading its reviews illustrate you that it simplifies the integration and creation of contact forms in your site. You just need to copy-paste a code snippet on your website to embed it in a website page; no technical knowledge or coding is required. However, if you have HTML skills, you can also code your own form for extra control over markup and styling.

Managing deals, proposals, and contacts

The Funnel CRM reviews also disclose that the tool separates professional messages from your inbox in “deals” for queries about services, potential deals, and products. Moreover, it also automates the entry of your client information on the basis of the forms they submitted so you do not have to manually enter them. Besides, it takes care of professional-looking proposals with the quote, rich messages, images and estimates.

Know The Concern Of  Your Customers –

This CRM system can help you out to deliver your services with an understanding of the requirements of the buyers in an enhanced manner. It helps you know the concern of your users thereby building a foundation of using the software to improve the communication between you and your clients.

Understand Your Customers’ Behavior

The CRM funnel system helps you understand your customers’ actions; it makes you know the ideal time you can introduce a product to your clients. It aids you not to waste time dealing with non-profit able clients, and it assists you to identify profitable ones thus leading to optimized promotion.

The CRM funnel system also aids in increasing your sales. Using this CRM strategy can increase your sales considerably, with the information you have about your clientele.

User Reviews

Users who gave Funnel CRM a positive review like that its interface is straightforward and easy to customize. They also said that it helps them work competently & stay organized. One of the valued customers who gave Funnel CRM a positive review commented that it allows them to embed web contact forms to capture leads despite having restricted coding experience. He added that its document and email templates enable them to smoothly generate quality business proposals.

What Problem Funnel CRM will Solve?

Funnel is an easy-to-use, simple tool that helps growing businesses, agencies and freelancers without the bloat of features popular and complicated CRMs bring.

  • You are struggling to handle work inquiries mostly coming from your website. You are losing track of them because they would just drift down into the depths of your inboxes, or simply forget to follow up on deals you didn’t receive a reply on. Funnel CRM allows you to make & add a simple web contact form to your website that will assist you to land all your work-related queries right into the CRM.
  • This CRM will provide you a centralized place to nurture these leads, directly communicate with customers and put together and send professional business proposals without any hassle every time a customer asks for a quote or estimation.
  • it allows you to know if your messages have been viewed by the client or not.
  • You will get an up-to-minute view of the complete sales pipeline with visibility as this CRM automatically sort deals by stage—negotiation, new, proposal, lost or won. This means more sales and less work.
  • In a similar way, automation makes it so simple to grow & maintain your customer database. Since it does not necessitate you to manually enter your client’s information every single time a new lead comes in. It just automatically takes the contacts’ basic info and create a profile for them based on what they enter into the web contact form.

Funnel CRM-Pros & Cons


  • It allows you to make fast well-formatted business proposals without the mess
  • Flexibility to create & embed web contact forms (lacking any technical knowledge) so you can effortlessly capture leads
  • The Gmail integration allows you to communicate with clients from your Smartphone without log-in into Funnel CRM
  • The program automatically generates web form submissions into deals & places them in your sales funnel rather in your chaotic inbox.
  • it allows you to maintain your customer database by decreasing the manual work
  • Impressed with the simplicity to use & functions of the Funnel CRM


  • The user management feature that may be rolling out in shortest time

What Makes Funnel CRM Better Than Competitors ?

  • It allows you to generate & embed web contact forms (without any technical knowledge) so you can effortlessly capture leads.
  • The program automatically creates web form submissions into deals & puts them in your sales funnel rather in your messy inbox.
  • It lets you put together and send entirely-formatted business proposals.
  • It allows you to keep up your customer database by decreasing the manual work.
  • The Gmail integration permits you to converse with clients from your smartphone without log-in into Funnel CRM

Bottom Line

Funnel CRM does all the hard work, manages, and organizes all details into individual profiles that you can access without difficulty, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business. Even Funnel CRM recognized as the ‘featured CRM Software by FitSmallBusiness’ and even honored among the ‘Top CRM Software Systems at GoodFirms’.

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