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Spy on your competitors and expose their successful online plan

Key Notes

SpyFu is the only Digital Marketing tool available in the market which reveals your competitors’ all Internet Marketing Strategies.

Reveal All

It exposes all – whether SEO, Social Media strategies, PPC or any other.



Type any keyword and see the associated successful domains bought by your competitors.

Domain and Keywords based Search

Now you know what is in their Mind.


SpyFu is a cloud-hosted competitors’ analysis intelligence Digital Marketing Tool. It completely focuses on revealing the competitors’ strategy which made their business successful.


Spy on your competitors

Spyfu is the only tool available in the market to spy on your competitors and reveal their all online strategies.

You just have to copy and paste those strategies and start earning from the very same day. 

Competitors budget analyses

SpfyFu gives you the complete view of your competitors’ online advertising activities such as most profitable keywords, previously used keywords.  You can  see all past ads campaigns along with their budget and all the statistics.


Watch this 5 minutes video to understand its functionality

SpyFu will bring more clients than ever before

Key Pointes of SpyFu

Type Any Domain and See its Keywords

Just type any domain name and see its most performing keywords,

Simply type in any domain and see exactly which keywords they buy on Google, which keywords are organically ranked and their ranks matrics over the last six years.

Every run add variation also can be exposed, and you can evaluate through statistics, which one was successful and which got failed.

Keeps last 6 Years Records

SpyFu is a high-quality reporting tool with 100% visibility.  You get an amazing insight into competitors’ minds.

It gives you an opportunity to rapidly access PPC history and keywords information (Last 6 years) relevant to your customers.
There is a feature called Kombat, it is a leading feature to discover shared keywords. It is mostly used when competitors’ mind is exceptionally different.


SpyFu exposes all the online strategies of your competitors’ such as how much they are dependent on SEO and PPC or any other medium. which domain they bought to run their ad campaigns.


See all Associated Domain

With SpyFu you can search all associated domains just by typing keywords. See how many domains they  (competitors )bought to rank the website

Internet Marketing

All sorts of paid campaigns such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, or any other platform can be monitored as well as SEO ranking on these mentioned platforms.
SpyFu works for every aspect of Internet Marketing whether it is Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, PPC, or any other place it works phenomenally well. This is why it is the complete Digital Marketing tool that spies on your competitors and steales their online strategies for you.

Generate New Sales Leads

SpyFu provides authentic and verified contact information of  potential clients that helps in generating new leads. It also helps in bringing new clients.

SpyFu Ratings

SpyFu Pricing

Despite having such tremendous features SpyFu’ pricing is really very low.


The Good News is, You don’t need to pay for this month.

You just have to Sign Up and start using it. SpyFu is FREE for 30 days.

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  1. Probably the best tool to get instant positive result. I have a couple of service based websites, for them I have been using spyfu gave me great result. My company still is in initial stage however I am stealing the strategies of New York based market giants. hehe thanks to the creator of this tool.

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