- Search Automate Approach

Find emails from any website as well as Linkedin. The best email extractor ever made.

Snovio is not only an email extractor it is a complete sales set to generate new business. With Snovio you don’t need an additional tool, it offers you almost all  Linkedin functions,  such as Find companies, Employees, Search by Technologies, Industry, Location, Size, etc.

Find Out the emails and employees list from any website. Automate them directly to your list and start sending email with a drip campaign.

It is a Three In One tool, most suitable for sales and marketing guys. 


Find Emails and Employees list from any website

Open any website click on snovio extension. The email list will appear. Click on show all. A new browser window will open with a complete employee list with designation and emails. Pick who suits you most and add it into your list.

Bulk Domain Search

you can upload the list of companies and can select what employees you want from these companies. i.e. CTO, CIO, Director of IT, etc. The rest will be done by Sonvio.

Drip Campaign

You can use its inbuilt feature drip campaign which offers you the complete response list with automated features.

Linkedin Page Automation.

If you have Snovio. You don't need to use linkedin anymore to collect database. But still, you want to use linkedin with snovio then use filter to find the list of your target employees. Click on Snovio extension, Select all, Now choose the number of pages you like to import. The import data will give you complete information of linkedin profile along with email addresses.

Company Profile Search and Technology Checker

You can get a list of companies by using filters like: Country, Industry, Specialization, Founding date, Company size, etc. Search companies by technologies, simply mention technology names like SaaS, Reverse Proxy, Paas, Java, python LMS, CMS, and whatnot.


It gets easily integrated with CMS like Pipedrive and your google spreadsheet as well.’s Email Finder reduced the time it took us to find email addresses by almost 50% and the lead generation efforts by 20%
Sofiia Shvets

With our response rate has grown 900%

Fatma Ezzahra Amrani from Fidensio Price List



Snovio has a lot more other features which are really very helpful for any sales and marketing process. It extracts, verifies and send emails with 0% error rate.

It has 24*7 customer care always ready to assist you no matter what your concern is.

These features make Snovio best in the industry