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SEMrush is a complete Digital Marketing tool. The best feature is, finding out competitors as well as their high performing keywords. It keeps updating you about “newcomer” and their internet marketing strategies. This tool is not only for google ranking or keyword planning it offers you complete control on digital marketing activities related to your website such as all social media pages/groups/platform management, competitors SM budget and activates etc.

So our team has put it in the “Must Have” category. It is one of the finest marketing tool available on the internet.

Key Features of SEMrush

Analytics Reports:

  • Provides competitors’ best performing keywords
  • Helps to find out new competitors
  • Domains position changing report.

Advertising Research

  • Helps in analyzing competitors strategy (predominantly ad budget, keywords)
  • Keep close eyes on ad copies, landing pages
  • Helps in finding new advertising competitors (AdWords and Bing Ads)
  • Helps in Localization Ad Campaigns

Display Advertising Tool

  • It gives an insight into competitor’s strategies such as GDN.
  • It offers an analysis of competitor’s ads performance
  • Notifies new/recent publishers
  • Helps in targeting the right audience with their complete Insights.


One of the most important key aspect of SEO

  • Able to give you an analysis of deep links.
  • Make you understand referring domains’ authority.
  • Types of backlinks and their analysis.
  •  Backlinks Geo location analyses.

Keyword Research

  • Gives perfect SEO and PPC keywords.
  • Collects matching phrases and top-performing keywords
  • Helps in finding long-tail keywords.
  • Gets into multinational as well as multilingual environments

Product Listing Ads

  • Helps in Defining (your) product listing ad and competitors
  • Helps in giving you insight into your product listing ad competitors’ product feeds
  • Gives a comprehensive insight of competitors listed ads

Traffic Analytics

  • A complete overview of rival’s website traffic as well as its performance over the internet.
  • Keep spying on your competitors’ strategies and internet activates
  • It helps in discovering new geography.
  • Make you understand the potential of customers and analyses their behavior and media consumption.
  • It helps in getting quality leads and future customers.
  • Keeps researching new investment opportunities.

SEMrush Tools

Keyword Difficulty

  • Hassle-free keywords finding.
  • Instant figure out keyword difficulties.

Domain vs Domain

  • Comprehensive domain comparison
  • Domain analyses with its unique and common keywords.
  • Ability to visualize the database.


  • Visibility indicators with domain compression.
  • Competitive analysis chart.

My Reports

  • It accumulates all data in one downloadable report file.
  • Customizable report file with the features like commenting and branding.
  • Auto schedule and share features.

Keyword Magic Tool

  • Able to give more than 2 million keywords.
  • Able to give best trending keywords in savable forms in order to analyses
  • Trending keywords can be exported.
  • Able to make 50 targeted keyword lists


  • CPC analyses with geographical locations
  • CPC vs. search volume comparison in order to get unnoticeable “form”.
  • Helps in A/B testing and other such comparison reports analyses
  • Nearby PPC and SEO competitors

SEMrush Projects

Position Tracking

  • Tracking your keywords positions.
  • List of local competitors with analyses.
  • Keywords group with the tags
  • Able to target all different devices.

Site Audit

  • Helps to analyze website performance by SEO tool.
  • Segments the SEO issues.
  • SEO optimization.
  • It helps in finding hreflang mistakes and can quick rectification too.
  • HTTPS and other security checks for the website.
  • AMP implementation issues rectification.

SEMrush Social Media Feature

Social Media Tracker

  • Helps in developing social media strategies for winning.
  • Result and performance analyses.
  • Able to create a comprehensive report card.

Social Media Poster

  • Can manage all social media acitivites from one place.
  • Able to handle two or more social media accounts.
  • Auto schedule posting
  • Social media automation features
  • Analyze your content overview and its performance.

Brand Monitoring

  • It helps to build brand reputation.
  • Find out fresh opportunities.
  • Backlinks monitoring.
  • Competitors monitoring.

SEMrush Website Monitoring Feature

Backlink Audit Tool

  • Integration of google console in order to find backlinks.
  • Helps in finding out unauthorized backlinks, and conduct removing process.
  • Helps in cleaning backlink profile by complete re-crawls on a daily basis.

Organic Traffic Insights

  • It helps in finding “invisible” but useful keywords.
  • Can integrate webmaster and Analytics database.
  • Forecasting of keywords.

Content Analyzer

  • Check the website content quality.
  • Check plagiarism.
  • Comprehensive comparison with other contents

SEMrush Google Adword Feature

PPC Keyword Tool

  • Able to provide useful keywords from different sources.
  • Helps in optimizing keywords.
  • Negative keywords removable.
  • Use the keywords with the auto suggestion.

Ad Builder

Able to give different contemporary ideas to be used.

  • Helps in building creative and effective ads.
  • Helps in building responsive ads.
  • Add relevant keywords.

These are the few features of SEMrush however it has more other smaller but very important inbuilt “tools” which are going to help you in every aspect of internet marketing.

I hope you would have liked the article cum feature review of SEMrush.

Please comment below your experience with SEMrush, or you can ask anything about it or if you have any doubt, our team members will certainly answer you.

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  1. Very nice blog, covered all features. I have purchased its business plan as everyone suggested me i have been using for past about 2 months getting tremendous results for all my websites.

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