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UpStack is a network of the world's best 1% talented Software Developers, QA & Testers and Engineers. It is a New York-based organization that lets companies hire all kinds of IT resources.

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Join the UpStack family and avail a bounty of perks and rewards. Even working remotely, you’re not alone. Our global network of engineers becomes your new industry colleagues, remote comrades, sounding board, and potentially friends.


Career Development

UpStack provides ever-evolving resources. Computer and coffee Hackathons Keep your skills sharp for the latest technologies. Video tutorial Educational presentations From fellow freelancers around the world have access to a high level of knowledge Handshake Competitions and meet-ups with the good prizes and team gatherings around the world

Competitions and meet-ups

From fellow freelancers around the world, have access to a high level of knowledge. With the good prizes and team gatherings around the world


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Frequently Asked Question

Our initial interview is an overall evaluation of your presentation, communication skills, and personality fit for the UpStack community and our clients. We ask that you are punctual and prepared to put your best foot forward. Keep in mind, your UpStack interviewer will be assessing your potential fit for our roster of clients.

If we determine you’re a good fit, you’ll be asked to schedule a Coding Challenge with one of our senior developers.

Rate varies depending on one's skills.  Having said that, a Software Engineer can earn $65 per hour with the minimum skill sets and experience.

In order to best evaluate your technical skills, you’ll be asked to participate in a 1:1 Coding Challenge with an UpStack Senior Developer. Lasting approximately 1-3 hours, you’ll share your screen in real-time as you perform a series of technical evaluations.

Once your work is evaluated, our UpStack Talent Recruitment Team will be notified.

Within a few days, if we feel you’d make a great addition to the UpStack community, we’ll be in touch with your offer and instructions on creating your UpStack Profile. Your UpStack Profile, which lives on our UpStack Portal, allows us to best match your skills with projects and prospective clients.

If we’ve determined that you’re not the right fit for a specific position, we’ll be in touch for potential opportunities in the future.

Once your UpStack Profile is created, what happens next?

A client will contact UpStack with an available position for an engineer for a project requiring a specific skill set. If you’re available and you match, we’ll confirm your availability and interest and share your profile with the client.

You’ll be interviewed by the client directly to ensure that your skills and personality match the project and the company’s culture. If they decide to move forward, an UpStack Client Success Expert will begin the onboarding process. The entire process can take less than a week from start to hired!