I have been using AWeber for the past 6 months in my office. I work in an IT company as a Senior Manager of Marketing. I have used all major email marketing tools such as Woodpecker, Convertkit  etc. Every tool is unique and has been developed to perform certain tasks.  I will cover the above-mentioned tools as well in the next blogs. For now, let’s focus on AWeber. I will try to keep it short and simple so that you can have a complete idea about its features without spending more time. Majority of people specially marketing professionals know what is Aweber. So I like to start from scratch to make everyone understand.

AWeber Features

AWeber allows you to create and send modern professional email newsletters that will go out to your audience using this powerful email marketing and automation tool makes it super simple and so easy to send these marketing messages out to your subscribers.

Email Newsletters – Now you can automatically create emails that can go from your latest blog post and again have those go out to your list or you can write in your own email and send out to your subscribers.

For instance, if you’re having a sale or maybe you want to wish people happy holidays you can send out a message to your email list subscribers.

Let’s say someone signs up for a free report on your website where you can automatically have this, send a message to them and give them that free report and then you can have another message go out a few days later asking them if they read that free report and a few days after that you can have another message go out. This allows you to build trust with your audience so they feel like they know you they like you and start trusting you this way your customers can buy more stuff from you and this is all through email automation

Drag-and-Drop Editor – It has over 700 mobile-responsive email templates that allow your emails to look really good on iPhones Android devices tablets, iPads, Kindles computers, laptops, PCs Macs, Linux machines pretty much anything you name it. You can view it nicely through the emails that are generated in their drag-and-drop editor and it makes it super simple and easy to use. It’s like making a little document in Microsoft Word.

HTML templates – Like many other email marketing tools AWeber also has HTML feature too, as we know it helps in creating greeting cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards as well as professional newsletters.

Aweber has the most contemporary templates which consist of classic and modern font styles, it has fresh image-rich pre-built pages which fit almost every occasion. 

Email Automation or Autoresponder Follow-Ups – This is a sequence of automatically delivered emails this is similar to the email automation series. The automotive responder follow-ups are just an older way of doing it, it’s not as powerful as email automation.

Tagging feature which allows you to take your subscribers based on if they click or open items and that can send them different emails based off of the campaigns you send them so this is a really powerful segmentation feature that we’ve really been seeing in much more expensive tools for automating your business so it’s really nice to see this in AWeber.

Split Testing Probably best feature ever any email marketing tool got. As we all know A / B testing where we test our subscribers behavior and taste by sending two or more campaigns. So you can analyze recipients’ interest and make future strategies.

For instance you can take two different subject lines for two campaigns, it will help in figuring out which subject line is performing better by analyzing open, click and response rate.  

This feature is majorly used by market researcher or CXO level employees.

I already discussed top two features so lets move on to

RSS to email – so this can create emails from your latest blog posts so you just put in your RSS feed into Aweber and it can automatically email out your subscribers whenever you have a new blog post.

Sign Up Forms:

Now you can collect your subscribers information using the Sign Up form it has nice easy to use signup form. They can even host your signup forms for you.
Sign up form can be created by us as per subscriber information our we need. Pre-build forms already available there, you can customize as per your landing page theme. AWeber gives us three options to utilize it.

A – Sign up form can be added by ourselves (on landing page)

B – Can be added by developer

C – AWeber itself can host it.

Integrations and  API

It gives you feature of  integrations and  API. Lets describe it with an Example, someone buy your product from your webite and pays through PayPal, you can have his information automatically and can get added to your Aweber auto respond.

Second Example, someone comments on your website or becomes a member he will be added in your Aweber list, you can automate your list growth with all these cool features and if you’ve got something that’s not already integrated they have a powerful API so you or your development team can get that going for you.

Import a List

This features allows you to import your existing mailing list from any other tool you are using currently.

List / s easily can be imported from any of the email marketing tool, you just need to integrate it with AWeber and that is all within few minutes confirmation mail will be received, now you are good to go.


Email Marketing Tracking :

It gives you all tracking features to improve and analyse email campaign performance. It includes open and click rate, unsubscribe, bounce rate also. By this feature click time and date can be measured easily. Best part is that all information is displayed on same dashboard you don’t need to visit on dozens of pages for email campaign performance you can see and analysis on one single page.

 High email deliverability rate Aweber run around for twenty years and they have dedicated team that focuses on making sure that your emails are landing in the inbox.

Manage Your Subscribers (Subscriber Segment)for their subscription management tools you are allowed to view, track and you can see all information about your subscribers. You can create segments helps in  managing your lists. you can clean up your subscribers if they’re not paying
attention to you anymore you can get rid of them you can send targeted emails to

Subscribers Base of information such as preferences that tells you geographic locations or actions they’ve taken on previous emails

AWeber mobile app

AWeber has mobile app too it is available at both the platform iOs and Android,

With the 10k+ download  the size is approx 3.5 MB. 

Reviews are really nice that shows its credibility and smoother performance. It got 4.4 stars from 262 users. 

Aweber Customer Care, Aweber customer service

Customer Services – It is really nice and appreciable I called so many time to check their response time and professionalism. I never been disappointed by them.

So over all AWeber has very professional and educated customer care executives to help you out at any point of time.



AWeber has several pricing options, for complete list of pricing please click the button below

These are the few key features of AWeber. It has dozens more. Despite having various contemporary features it has very user friendly interface, using AWeber is really very easy. So if you are the owner of business or handling the marketing and sales department, AWeber is “Must Have” tool. Thank you for your time and please do comment your experience if you are existing user, if not put your query I will try to answer you. Thank you once again.